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Everything you Should know about Mechanical engineering in 2021

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Everything you Should know about Mechanical engineering in 2021: Education, jobs, career.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” – B. B. King. You start your life by learning new things. From learning to eat to start walking, learning to speak. Life is all about learning new things and increasing your knowledge every day.

Education is one of those things that will make your life better than anything. It’s not just about Lectures and blackboard and Theory, it’s also about practical things you experience everyday.

In the wake of the pandemic Colleges and schools are closed down and the lectures are taken online. Students are not able to do Practical and online lectures are harder than offline due to lack of communication. But still, people are not giving up and learning new things as the lockdown goes by.

Career opportunities

Tons of career opportunities through different streams. You can be a Developer, Analyst, Designer, Engineer, Pilot, and a lot of different careers which haven’t been invented yet. We have a new line up of data analysis, risk analysis scientists that have surged in 2020. We’ll be talking about Engineering as this option is one of the common career options in India.


Engineering is a branch of Science and Technology that is dependent on the Building, Design, and Structure of Engines. But lately, Software Engineering is also allied with the engineering department.

Engineering is divided into dozens of sub-department for each specific topic. Mechanical Engineering is called the mother of all engineering departments, as it lets you continue your career in any department and get jobs from any department as well. As a Mechanical Engineer you can also get a job in Electrical department, Electronics Department, Civil Department, and IT department as well.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a department where you design and develop machines for different applications according to a Project. It’s the study of calculating, Designing of Machine elements, and analysis of that machine in a real-time environment with thousands of parameters.

You can develop machines from air refrigeration to automobiles, to Rockets and planes. The application of Mechanical Engg is huge and can be applied almost everywhere. Machines are a huge part of human life. Everything used around you is part of an engineering project done years before this present time. It is the most Flexible Engg Department and you can learn almost all of the applied physics used in the engineering process.

Qualification Required for Mechanical Engineer

  • Eligible Candidates should be passed from 10 + 2 from a well-known institution with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) as their major subjects in college.
  • Candidates should have at least attained 55% marks in 10 + 2 or equivalent is mandatory (the minimum cut-off depends on College to College and can be Different for categories as well)
  • For Further admission in M.Tech in Mech Engg, you need at least 50% aggregate on Passing Certificate of the respective institution or Course at Graduation.
  • For taking admission in Courses like undergraduate, diploma, postgraduate, and Doctorate you will need a scoring card with compatible marks.

Mechanical Engineers can work as:

You can choose between a lot of options under mechanical engineering as this department has a lot of potential areas. After getting the valued marks required to become Mechanical engineering you can choose either of these career options. Depending on the skills developed during the course and are of expertise you select the job you would like to do in your Life.

  • Mechanical Engineer: Engineer who can work for Development, Designing, Maintenance, Analysis, Production and Analysis of Machine elements. As a mechanical engineer, you should be able to work under any one of these job options. Machines are all handled and developed by Mechanical Engineers
  • Automotive Engineer: They are the Engineers who Produce mechanical Elements or machines that get used in the automobile industry. They basically research, design, Analyse and Develop products used in the automotive industry. Automotive Engineers get hired by automobile companies to keep their Automotives up to date with time by upgrading machine elements and mechanisms.
  • Aerospace Engineer: It involves in Technical assistance for aircraft and airports. Basically, they deal with the maintenance and design of airplanes and aerodynamics physics. They are the reason behind Aircraft safe landing and maintained airplanes throughout the world.
  • Control and Instrumentation Engineer: They are Engineers who Control the Machine’s works by designing, developing a System for respective machines. They are also responsible for maintaining and managing all the control/instrumentation Systems. As a Control and Instrumentation Engineer, your job is to keep the machines safe, effective, and Reliable for the future.
  • Contracting Civil Engineer: In the Construction Work, Contracting civil engineers do the analysis and management of construction projects along with the Consulting Engineers. You can work through Construction consultancy to oversee a project like Buildings, Dams, Highways and other Civil Projects.
  • Nuclear Engineer: A nuclear Engineer can work for different posts under a nuclear power station. They can be Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Quality Engineer, Process Engineer, and other management posts. The work of a Nuclear Engineer is just to develop and run the machines/mechanisms involved with the nuclear power stations. Also able to dismantle and maintain the machine system.
  • .Maintenance Engineer: As the name suggests, they are hired to keep machines running in working condition without any resistance due to certain conditions. They maintain the system and structure of the machine in order to keep it sustained and stop it from failing in any criteria or parameters.

Industries that Employ Mechanical Engineers

Now there are a ton of career options that you can choose from in this department. It all depends on the area of expertise of candidates and skills developed by them to understand the certain sector and be excellent at it. These are some of the industries that you can choose from:

1. Engineering Consultancies:

You can get hired by a normal Engineering consultancy in your local or by the top players in the industry. Some of the top Consultancy are Tata Consulting engineers, L&T consulting, Adobe consulting, Cisco consulting, and others. A normal pay scale for consulting Engineers is around Rs 3,00,000 to around Rs 10,00,000 per annum depending on your seniority and experience. You can also work for other local consultancies and the pay scale would be less but you would get more close experience than other companies.

2. Aerospace Industries

Aerospace Industries

You can work in Aerospace Industries in Manufacturing Sector, Maintenance, or Development sector. Aerospace Industries can offer you a pay scale depending on different posts. For a Design Engineer average pay scale is 3,37,00 Rs, for Mechanical Engineer – 4,30,000 Rs, and for a Mechanical design engineer, it is 3,90,000 Rs on average.

3. Manufacturing Industries:

Manufacturing Industries:

As the name suggests, you can enter the manufacturing world where a mechanical engineer might get a salary of around 5,13,00 Rs on average. Some of the manufacturing industries are listed below:

  • Ashok Leyland.
  • Bajaj Auto.
  • TVS Motors.
  • Hero Honda Motors Ltd.
  • Apollo Tyres.
  • Asian Paints.
  • BPL Group.
  • Videocon Group.

4. Automotive Industries

Automotive Industries

One of the Favorite Industries is the Automobile sector. You can get hired in the manufacturing, Designing, Maintenance, and Installation sectors. Senior Engineer gets 7,00,00 Rs on average and Mechanical Engineer gets 4,00,00 Rs on average. Top automotive industries are Tata Motors, Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, Hero moto corps and others.

5. IAF and Ministry of Defense

Mechanical Engineer’s Salary at Indian Armed Forces ranges between 7,00,000 Rs to 10,00,000 Rs. You can Join IAF by giving the AFCAT entrance exam after completing your Engineering Course, then followed by SSB. You can also Give CDSE which is conducted by UPSC twice a year.

6. Energy Utilities

Energy Utilities

You can work as maintenance or control and instrumentation engineers in such companies. You can get around 3,15,000 rs to 4,50,000 Rs in Energy Utilities. Some of the top companies in India related to Energy are Adani Green Energy Ltd, JSW Energy Ltd, Torrent Power Ltd, Adani Power Limited, Tata Power Company Ltd, and NTPC Ltd.

7. Biomedical Industries

Biomedical Engineering

A biometrics Engineer gets around 1,50,00 rs to 4,15,000  rs pay scale on average. The job in Biometric industries in designing and installation of biometric systems, and also its maintenance. Top Biometric Industries are Terabyte Computer System & Services, Uniphore Veritas Infosolutions, and WYSE Biometrics Systems.

8. Construction and Building Services

Construction and Building Services

Mechanical Engineer can work in Construction Service as a consulting engineer or to Design, develop, and maintain the machinery used at the construction site. The Pascale depends on the Civil Project and also on the construction agencies.

9. Government Agencies

The most Dreamed Jobs in the Country Are gov jobs. You can work in DRDO, Defense services, BARC, ISRO, SSC, IES/ESE Engineering services, Indian Railway, PSU (Public Sector Unit), UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), State Public service commission job and Professor in Polytechnic/Diploma and Engineer colleges. The Hiring of these Sectors is different with different entrance exams. The average pay scale for gov jobs would be between 8,40,000 rs to 13,00,000, the highest pay scale for a mechanical engineer.


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