importance of education

Importance of Education

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Importance of Education


“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela


When Sudha Murthy taught her Grandmother, she was about 12yrs, and her Grandmother is in the age of 70s. Her Grandmother learned how to write and how to read Kannada within a mean time of 3 months to read a magazine of herself.

importance of education

This is the small example which portraits the importance of education to read a magazine in the absence of dependency.

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Education is a vital part of an individual, a family, a society, a nation, and the whole world alike. Education is the light that can eradicate all negativity, vices, and evils of the world. Its education that helps people gain perspective of life and helps build opinions and have an outlook on life to lead a better life and build a better society. Education empowers minds that can conceive good thoughts and ideas. It enables people to analyze their life decisions. Life gives various survival challenges, but education guides us to fight with failure and get success in life. [mc4wp_form id=”287″]

While education helps people evolve into better individuals and creating a better society, education itself is changing every day. From allowing men from upper class and caste being eligible to have access to education to the present times where education is free to all in certain countries across the world. From individual schools for males and females, upper caste and lower caste, upper class and lower class, to schools that are inclusive and open to everyone despite all the differences and individual may have. From being about finding a livelihood to making an individual a catalyst of positive changes in the world. Education itself had come a long way from when it was first mentioned to the present times. And the more the evolvement of education and accessibility to education, the more scope for individuals and society to have a better perspective and make a better world.

The importance of education is immense when it comes to an individual’s life, but the actual worth of it is realized by people who can’t get it. Just like the worth of light is understood by people who live in darkness, the value of money is best understood by the poor; education is no different. People who have access to it fail to realize the worth of it and the people who can’t afford education know what value it holds in shaping their lives. The gradual steps an individual takes in the field of education brings him closer to building a happier life. It helps in personal as well as the socio-economic development of the nation. If a man is a seed, education is like the nurturing water that helps develop, shape, and strengthen life.

Importance of education for individuals 

importance of educationOn a personal level, education helps an individual learn the difference between good and bad; right and wrong. It helps people gain perspective, find a purpose, form an opinion, and build a dignified life for themselves. An educated person weighs the pros and cons before he performs a task. He thinks before acting and learns the art of righteous judgment. Education helps people build a confident, individual, independent personality. But not everyone who goes to schools and colleges reacts in the same way, as education is the means and the path one takes is their own. The involvement of education in one’s life can be easily seen their demeanor, and these educated individuals go on to form an educated society that is vice free.

Importance of education in society

A society that’s filled with uneducated men and women will always be chaotic and filled with vice while a society with educated individuals bimportance of educationuilds a socially cohesive society. The society that fails to respect education and doesn’t focus on getting its men and women educated falls apart. People fall in evil traps; they lie, cheat, betray, and are filled with negativity. Such societies are not healthy and never survive. On the other hand, a society with educated individuals helps in building each other and don’t bring each other down. A society that understands the value of education and focuses on providing quality education forms the foundation of not only an economically strong but socially and fundamentally secure country. Education is the only thing that can remove corruption, unemployment, and environmental problems. People who are educated not only understand the vital problems of society but work towards the eradication of them. While the uneducated society overlooks the problem and doesn’t even believe in the existence of issues that affect them, they think of living a selfish life and don’t care about the damage they cause to others.

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Importance of education for the nations

The role of education in the development of a nation is extremely vital. To make people understand the value of their vote and the way it directly affects their lives and the nation is possible only with education. We live in an inquiring and innovation-oriented society and the demand of the twenty-first century is novelty, creativity, and integration of knowledge at the international level, research, judgemental, and logical thoughts. It is necessary to Prepare the teenagers and youth to survive in the present condition. It is essential to develop logical and critical thinking, proper skills and attitude that comes through education and makes them more flexible and innovative to deal with uncertainty and crises at the national and global level. Educated individuals know the worth of selecting a good leader and understand the value of their votes. Uneducated people are unaware of the impact and importance of choosing the right candidate by exercising their vote.

It goes without saying that to have a dignified job that is both financially and mentally satisfying a person needs to be educated. Uneducated people end up in jobs that are mentally unsatisfactory and underpaying or often don’t get employed. A country’s economic as well as social growth is directly affected by the employment ratio and lack of education and proper skill set has led to unemployment and stunted the economic growth of a lot of nations.

But the solution to all the problems is nothing but one- quality education accessible to all without any bias.

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