Interesting Facts about Health

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Interesting Facts about Health

Did you know facts about Health?

These Interesting Facts about Health cover a range of topics to provide you with knowledge and ideas about how to better care for yourself and information about health around the world.

  1. Women need more sleep than men.
As women do multi-tasking things and stress their brain more. They work more than men so they need more sleep than men.                         
  1. Lack of breakfast does not lead to any health problems.

To sell their stock of cereals the shops usually say in the radio that cereal is a very nutritious and very important breakfast, sometimes they also say that breakfast is the main meal of the day. But the medical reports say that skipping breakfast does not lead to any disease. Does not exist any change in weight by gaining or losing. this is just a story.

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  1. Talking to friends is good for men’s health.

educationjam.comRobin Dunbar is a psychologist and director of Oxford University’s social evolutionary neuroscience (the scientific study of the evolution of the nervous system) research team. He says that man should have 4-5 friends who are loyal and meet all their friends twice a week. This can decrease mental and physical stress and can enjoy with their friends for some time by playing sports and talking to them.

  1. Shivering in cold places may help you to lose weight.

educationjam.comIn Sydney, scientists from a medical institute called Garvan Institute, in a research found that a person loses more weight by shivering in the cold for 10 minutes, than doing a 1-hour workout. Previous research has found new results, called brown fat-a type of fat tissue that burns fat instead of storing it.

  1. Cycling can make your immune system younger even if you’re older.

educationjam.comScientists in the Birmingham University, they studied the bicycle riders who ride their bikes many times in a day of age 55 to 79. These scientists found that cycling prevents their energy from falling down. The levels of their fat and cholesterol are not changing. The most amazing thing in that was the people who are riding cycles, their bodies are producing immune T-cells which are comparable to that of peoples age of 20. By this we can prove that cycling will make your immune system younger than your age.

  1. Being without rest can help you lose weight.

educationjam.comNot to gain weight, people generally do some extra activities, like tapping their fingers continuously, walking in circles when they are talking and so on, generally when they are in busy in their work. This helps them to lose weight up to 350 calories extra in a day by these minor physical activities. As per this they will lose 30 lbs (approximately 13 kgs).

  1. Biting nails in childhood is good for

Scientists of Canadian have studied about 1,000 children of ages 5 to 9 and after many years they did allergy tests for everyone, here is the point, children who are biting nails are non-allergic and they also have a stronger immune system than others. As per the scientists the germs that get inside the body (when they are biting their nails) and make the immune system stronger and powerful than other children.

  1. Blood pressure may increase when there is a doctor around

Up to 20% of the world’s population has what is known as “white coat syndrome”. These people have a subconscious fear of doctors and their blood pressure increases when they are in a medical facility. More than that, these people seem to be calm and they don’t even realize that they are afraid. This syndrome is more common in women during the first weeks of pregnancy.

  1. Fist bumps are better than handshakes.

educationjam.comIn Great Britain Aberystwyth University researchers confirmed that while two persons give handshake to each other 40% more germs transfer from one person to other than a fist bump. We can say that high 5 is also safer than handshake but most of the scientists advise that fist bump is better than handshake.

  1. Pizza is a healthier breakfast than cereal.

educationjam.comMany people think that this statement is not at all scientific but it is fact that eating pizza in that morning as breakfast is healthier than eating cereals or whole grains along with milk. An American Nutritionist named Chelsea Amer is saying that pizza will contain fats, carbohydrates, and protein, making you feel better than eating whole grains with milk. In fact, whole grains also contain carbs and sugar. In fact, this doesn’t mean that you should only eat pizza in the breakfast but in means that eating too much of cereal in the breakfast is not at all a good idea.

  1. People who look younger than their age would live longer.

educationjam.comScientists from Denmark studied 387 pairs of twins in their 70s, 80s and 90s and found that looking at one’s face was enough to tell if a person was living to old age. In other words, if a person looks younger than their actual age, they will live longer than a person who looks older than their actual age. Scientists have proven that it can be programmed at the DNA level. Key pieces of DNA called telomeres, which represent the replication potential of cells, are also linked to how young a person looks. So young people tend to have fewer telomeres

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  1. People who eat dinner or breakfast regularly in restaurants are increasing their risk of becoming obese. we know that food in restaurants and hotels contain more fat and less nutrients. Always eating fatty food will increase your weight and you become so fatty, this leads to obesity. Eating restaurant food rarely is healthy but always eating this food is not so good for you. And It’s better to eat homemade food which will contain all types of nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, they even contain fats but in a limited quantity. Eating homemade food is good and very very healthy for you, so always eat homemade food.

  1. Farting will help you decrease your blood pressure and it is also good for your

In the US, Johns Hopkins University has found that fart is being produced by an enzyme from the blood vessels, here it relaxes them and decreases the blood pressure. Doing too much is not bad, but it can be a sign of a digestive problem or an inadequate diet. Yes, these foods produce gas, but they also help balance the bacteria of your stomach, which makes your gas expulsion more regular.

  1. Sitting more than three hours a day can reduce a person’s lifespan by two

Sitting for more than three hours a day can reduce a person’s lifespan by up to two years, even if he or she is physically active and avoids dangerous habits such as smoking. Watching TV for more than two hours a day can worsen the problem, reducing the lifespan by another 1.4 years, so don’t sit on any work for more than three hours.

  1. Being away from smoking and drinking alcohol, taking healthy food and by doing physical activities can prevent 30% of

Yes, in fact, it’s a true statement as being away from alcohol and smoking will prevent you from many diseases that you have got from them. And smoking more can cause different types of cancers in you and it can be difficult for you to breathe. Alcohol leads you to digestive problems, liver and so on. Eating healthy food and doing exercise early in the morning can boost your immune system and always keep you healthy and away from all types of diseases.

  1. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep each night will reduce your life

We recognize that sleep plays a very very important role in your day to day life, your overall health, and even in your physical condition. Statistics show that people with sleep deprivation or lack of sleep are not only tired during the day but they also suffer from lack of concentration, they increase their other risks like obesity, congestive heart failure and even with diabetes. Researchers of the British have discovered that if anyone who has less than five hours of sleep increases their risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

  1. On average, people who complain will live

You have been thinking that how could be complaining help to live longer?  Some of them think that it’s a curse, but it’s a science. According to a study conducted by a professor of psychology at Clemson University in South Carolina, complaining can make people live longer! There is a fact that being more happy will help people to live longer. According to a study it was proved people get their happiness by working for a certain goal. In this regard, complaints are one of the ways in which people work professionally or socially to achieve their various goals.

  1. There is a chance of 40% to lower the risk of early death with physical activities of half an hour for six days in a

This statement is correct. We know that doing exercise is very good and healthy for us. By doing this physical activity half an hour for six days in a week will boost your immune system. This makes you healthier and by this, your immune system also becomes younger. So you can decrease the risk of early death and live longer. On the other hand, physical activity, cardiovascular disease, and death from any cause is associated with a 23% and 37% reduction in risk within one hour. If you spend more time doing intense exercise, the risk seems to be lower, falling between 36% and 49%.  Finally, overall, these data showed that 30 minutes of physical activity, either light or vigorous intensity for 6 days a week, was associated with 40% lower mortality for any cause

  1. Eating more meat will increase your body’s biological age. too much red meat increases the body’s “biological age” and contributes to health problems, new research suggests. Scientists have found that the consumption of red meat can lead to a moderate increase in serum phosphate (Your bones and teeth contain the phosphorus of your body. However, some phosphorus is in your blood. Your doctor can assess your blood phosphorus level using the serum phosphorus test. Hyperphosphatemia when you have too much phosphorus in your blood.) levels in the body, combined with whole foods.

  1. If you exercise in the morning on an empty stomach can burn 20% more fat. have conducted a test of doing exercises before and after eating breakfast. They found that the person who did exercise before breakfast i.e. on empty stomach lost 20% more fat than the person who did after eating.

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