What is Education

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What is Education

“Education” originates from the Latin for “to lead.” So when you educate children you are leading them from one place to another in all aspects.

What is Education : To me, education is the gateway to success. Success can be achieved when people have knowledge, skills, and attitude. I believe that education is the best way which shows us many ways to lead and utilize our life properly. Education helps us to explore our own thoughts and ideas and makes it able to express it in different forms. The truly educated person knows to treat everyone in the same manner despite their religion, caste, etc.

A truly educated person will be having best qualities compared to an uneducated person.

  • Guiding others towards the path of success.
  • Act well-mannered in all the time.
  • Respects others equally without showing any difference.
  • Adjust in life whenever required and will be practical and steady, when there is a problem in the front.
  • Most of the educated persons will be having helping nature to others, they are very kind and they will learn things from by experiences and mistakes.

True Meaning of Education

             Education is not about getting good grades, education is not about memory test, education is not about how smartly you understand a particular topic. Education just doesn’t mean to acquire or getting knowledge, but it also teaches a person to be a good citizen and teaches humanity.

Definition of EducationDefinition of Education

            Education is the process of helping in learning or getting knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational techniques include narration, discussion, teaching, training, and targeted research. Education often occurs under the supervision of teachers, but learners can also educate themselves. As everyone knows, education is important in our day to day life. It improves human quality and helps to make everyone a better human being in this world. Education can happen in a formal or informal way, and any experience that has a constitutive effect on how one thinks feels or acts may be considered educational.

The teaching methodology is called pedagogy. Formal education is usually divided into stages such as

  •   preschool
  •   kindergarten
  •   primary school
  •   high school
  •   college
  •   university or apprenticeships.

Types of education in India

Education is divided into three types as per philosophers and education thinkers.

  1.  Formal education
  2.  Informal education  and
  3.  Non-Formal Education

1. Formal Education

It is one of the types of education, and it will be provided by institutions, universities, colleges, or any schools. This kind of Formal education is having a fixed timetable, examination system. Also, they will have some discipline in the school. Formal education is designed with set of aims and objectives, and it will be provided according to the curriculum, rules, and regulations of the concerned schools or colleges.

Formal education is well designed and pre-planned system.

It is a purely hierarchical based system.

It will follow a regular curriculum.

It will be subject-oriented.

It will be taught in classrooms and observes strict discipline.

Teachers will be well Qualified.

Fees will be paid in multiple terms or in a single term.

It is limited to a specific period.

Degrees and certificates will be awarded after completing the education.

2. Informal Education

Informal education might be moms and dad showing a kid how to prepare a dish or ride a bicycle. People can additionally get an informal education and learning by reading lots of books from a collection or educational websites. In this sort of education, awareness efforts are not entailed. It is neither pre-planned nor calculated. It might be discovered in someplace, workplace or at your home. Unlike formal education, informal education is not presented by an institution such as school or college. Informal education is no collection curriculum required. Informal education contains experiences.

Informal education is not a systematic education.

This kind of education will not be taught in classrooms or colleges. This kind of education will be observed by others automatically by listening or by watching.

It is not pre-planned

It will occur instantly and incidentally

No separate teachers will be available to teach

Learning can be anywhere like a home or any other place.

Non Formal Education

This kind of education is one of the recent and best education systems getting into use in India. Non-Formal Education is any organized activity bought into the outside of the framework or institution or school. This kind of education will be taught to children at their convenient place instead of a particular school or college. Non-Formal Education is not competitive. This is a structured and planned method to teach children outside the school or institution. It is entirely a kind of formal education but not inside the school or college and not at a particular time. This kind of education will not have a specific time to teach or learn. It is a continuous process of learning. This kind of education is mostly for adults who want to learn things from others with their passion. Attendance in this kind of education is voluntary, not compulsory.  Anyone can learn in this education; there is no age limit.

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